Sunday, December 11, 2005

The infection will be televised

An important part of surval is staying informed. But when the media is censored by a paniced government (or worse, the reporters have been taken out by zombies), where can you turn to find out what is happening outside of your boarded up shelter. Well, as long as the power keeps going (and that very well might be a while), you can check on the outside world through one simple google search: Liveapplet. Using this, you can look through thousands of cameras placed in public locations throughout the world, and see the progress of the zombie plague. You can even control the movements of the the camera (provided there is not a bunch of people using the same applet) and take snapshots.

I took these pictures through a camera I found in a Nipponese location.
At the very least, this link will provide you with some fun voyerism today.