Friday, December 02, 2005

New month, new shambling theme: Zombie survival

Okay, I'm using the powers vested in me to decide what to do about last month's poll's tie. I've decided the shambling theme of this month shall be Zombie survial, with a touch of christmas cheer, hopefully. As this month goes on, we here at zombie blog will discuss the basics, including food shelter, weapons, and which islands to hang out on. Don't miss it, it could be the difference between life and undeath!
As you may have gathered, last month's theme was the truly bizarre one of Japanese zombies, but this month's theme is much less obscure. Many people have theories about what is best to do during a zombie-level event. The book The Zombie Survival Guide Is a good place to start. I personally have yet to get ahold of a copy (my geographic location prevents this) but I've heard personal testimony that it is full of sound advice, and more importantly, very funny due to use of dry humor. The author also presents the theory of Solanium, the virus that is responsible for zombie perpetuation. The website for the book contains some good selections, check it out.