Thursday, September 21, 2006

Punk Zombies

It almost feels like getting an excusive or something...
I was contacted by the makers of the film Queen of the Zombie Punks, which is currently in development. Here's their pitch:

"A generation ago, a voodoo curse took the souls of THE GRAVE DIGGERS... now they're back to rock your face off... AND EAT YOUR BRAINS!"

A new zombie movie brought to you by Michael Patrick Entertainment.

Producer Michael Patrick and Director Rob Toshoff are set to co-produce a new Zombie Horror feature film project scheduled for pre production in Sept 2006. It's the tale a deceased punk band from the 1980's who return from the grave to fulfill their rock star aspirations! With the combined efforts of both companies, QZP has assembled a fantastic group of industry professionals. Casting will commence Shortly, Website launching soon! Stay tuned!

Sounds like a fun zombie bash; I wonder if it'll come my way...